Phoenix Varmint Callers, Inc.  Established 1967
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We meet the first Tuesday of each month at the NEW LOCATION: Postal Workers Union Hall, 3720 W. Greenway Road, Phoenix, 85053. It's on the north side of Greenway, next to the Dental Depot. Doors open at 6:30, meeting called to order at 7:00. The Club 
encourages anyone interested in learning about predators and predator calling to contact a member of the board or feel free to come by a monthly meeting and introduce yourself.


This hunt pits our Club against the other predator calling Clubs in the state for bragging rights. Who is the “BEST” Varmint Calling Club in the state? The Xtreme Predator Callers (XPC) won the rights the last few years & the Arizona Predator Callers (APC) are always good competition. Both these Clubs have the ability to amass a LOT of their members to get out & hunt. I’ll bet XPC has almost TOTAL participation! The Tucson Club is also invited & use to dominate. They are hardly even a factor anymore due to very low member turnout. PVCI members, we could really use some more participation! Even with the numbers of us that do show, we come OH SO CLOSE sometimes! IF MORE MEMBERS WOULD JUST GET OUT and HUNT IN MORE NUMBERS, WE REALLY COULD WIN THIS HUNT EVERY SINGLE TIME!!!

PVCI members if you hunt no other hunts this year, PLEASE HUNT THIS ONE!!!  THIS IS ONLY A 1 DAY HUNT.  PVCI members are allowed to use electronics on this one day. Proof of kill will be the whole critter or the skin and the matching carcass. Points awarded will be lion-100, bobcat-50, coyote-20, fox-10.  Only critters harvested on Jan 21, 2017 are eligible. The Deadline is 9:00p.m. Saturday evening according to the Hunt Chairman’s watch. Anything turned in after 9:00p.m. will be disqualified.

There will be food & possibly drink served until it runs out. PVCI members again WE REALLY NEED YOUR HELP! We can win the Trophy (XPC currently has it) back! THANKS in advance!

Check the flyer below for check in location and map. GOOD LUCK PVCI !!

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2014/2015 Club Hunt Rules Link

NOTICE: PVCI Board of Directors Meetings moved from the 3rd Wednesday to the 3rd Thursday of each month.

December 1965 Predator Tales DID YOU KNOW, that the predecessor to The Phoenix Varmint Callers, Inc. was called the Arizona Varmint Callers Association? I was contacted by a Ms Angie Turner-Moore, daughter of the late Pat Turner, who was one of the early members of the original Club. Pat held many positions within the Club, President and writer for the Predator Tales among them. Well, the reason Angie contacted me was to see if I (we, the Club) was interested in a pile of old issues of the Predator Tales, dating back to the fall of 1965 to sometime in 1971. Of course I said we'd like to have them, as they are windows in time to the early days of our Club and passion of predator hunting. So, I thought of re-publishing some of the issues here on our website for all to enjoy, and see what was happening 50 some years ago in the world of predator hunting. Enjoy the read!

NOTICE! LOTS of activities and hunting opportunities coming up! See the News and Events page.

NEW: PVCI Member Handbook (for download/print)
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