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We meet the first Tuesday of each month at the NEW LOCATION: Postal Workers Union Hall, 3720 W. Greenway Road, Phoenix, 85053. It's on the north side of Greenway, next to the Dental Depot. Doors open at 6:30, meeting called to order at 7:00. The Club 
encourages anyone interested in learning about predators and predator calling to contact a member of the board or feel free to come by a monthly meeting and introduce yourself.

2014/2015 Club Hunt Rules Link

Annual Christmas Party needs your help! 
The Club is needing donations for the Christmas Party/fund raiser happening Tuesday, December 6. This is in lieu of the regular Club meeting for December. The doors will be open at 6:30.
"There was a very late start in this 'asking for donations' stage of planning for the event & this year more than any other WE ARE REALLY GOING TO NEED DONATIONS FROM YOU, THE MEMBERSHIP!"  Now don't just read this and do nothing. I'm asking EACH OF YOU as you read this to really think and come up with some item(s) that you can donate. Then call event organizer Ruth S. at 602-524-3586 and let her know. Don't wait until the last minute, do it now please" says Terry H. , PVCI President.
All PVCI members, family and friends, well, everyone is invited!! The entry "fee" is at least 1 can of non-perishable food or bottled water for the Annual Dave Kardos Memorial Food Drive. The donated items will go to the Desert Mission Food Bank of Phoenix.
Dinner will be a pot-luck, so please bring an item to share.
There will be an AR-15 raffled off, as well as silent and live auctions, food, games and FUN!
More details about the Christmas Party in the current issue of Predator Tales.

NOTICE: PVCI Board of Directors Meetings moved from the 3rd Wednesday to the 3rd Thursday of each month.

My First Bear by Jessica S.

Tagging a bear has been on my Hunter’s Bucket List since I first took interest in the sport. I wanted to experience the rush of a charging bear to the call.  Most people think that’s crazy but it is how I’ve always dreamed a bear hunt should be. 

Will H has been my companion and hunting mentor for nearly 8 years.  He's been my guide and teacher in everything from skinning my first squirrel to tagging my first elk.  I was still wet behind the ears when I naïvely asked him if he’d help me get a bear.  Like it was that simple!  I remember he cautioned me to the dangers and told me it would take a lot of hard hunting and patience on my part.  I still had a lot to learn but I was game for the challenge.

And so the quest for my first bear began....

In the years to follow, we’d spend a lot of time in the woods hunting anything our license allowed.  Though bear wasn’t usually first and foremost on the list, Will never missed an opportunity to show me sign, point out the foods and terrain they prefer and how to setup a proper stand.  I have more photos of bear scat and tracks than I care to print.  He always made sure to ‘run me through the seasons’ which reinforced my shooting skills and prepared me for more challenging game.  Because you never know what will show up to the call.   Will loves to tell his bear hunt stories and I eagerly listened, taking mental notes, trying to envision if my first encounter would be like one of his.  He’s told me time and time again, “Stay alert.  Shoot, don’t hesitate, reload and be ready to hit it again.”  “That bear is gonna be coming straight for us and I’m gonna be pissed if you don’t shoot!”  “When you hit it, be ready to hit it again AND AGAIN cause they’re damn tough and the last thing you want is a pissed off bear!” 

Aug 7th, 2016 we head into the depths of unit 6B with bear on our minds.  We spend most of the day scouting familiar spots with little luck and decide to make our way into unfamiliar terrain for the late stand.  My bad, we take a wrong turn but the area looks promising so we venture further.  Little clues reveal themselves – all the right vegetation, extremely remote and rugged cliffs and the sudden appearance of deer.  Now that in itself is not unusual but the fact that none of them had any fawns for this time of year caught my attention.  Then we spot two fawns without their mother.  Odd.  I suspected a predator in the area.  We head out to the furthest point and make a stand – nothing.  The sign is dismal too.  Maybe I was wrong.

As we work our way out, I observe 3 canyon cuts merging into a single choke point along the rim.  It’s around 1730 and I ask to make our last stand there.  Will normally picks the spots we call but this time he went along with my suggestion and I was feeling a bit proud about that.  We work our way down over the edge and I pick out my shooting lane.  Will covers me off to my left.  I have a good feeling about this stand but I don’t want to share my thoughts and jinx it.  We take our positions and he begins to fawn bleat.  Just minutes into the call I hear branches snap.  I ready my rifle and focus towards the sound.  Could it be a doe responding like so many times before?  Then I see it.  Jet black rushing uphill. FAST.  There was no doubt - a bear!!  I put my eye to the scope of my Rem 700 .270 WIN and saw it charging in straight for Will!  50 … 40 … 30 yards in the blink of an eye.  I began to squeeze the trigger when Will stopped calling.  A split second later I finish the pull – BOOM!  The bear goes down 25 yards from Will.  “Right on, you got it!” he exclaimed, but I knew better from all his stories…  

I watch in awe as it stands, shakes off my direct hit and spins to beat feet.  (“When you hit it, be ready to hit it again AND AGAIN cause they’re damn tough and the last thing you want is a pissed off bear!”)  It would take another two hits from my rifle to stop this one.     

Now I too have a bear story to tell.  Best of all, I was able to tag it with my best friend and partner at my side.  Everything he taught me was truth.  Bears are awesome, powerful and command respect.  Don’t ever underestimate them.  They are also one of the most intelligent and elusive creatures that live in the most beautifully rugged terrain.  Entering their world will challenge you physically and mentally.  But perhaps the most important of all lessons I learned and will stress to anyone that asks me what it’s like to be on the receiving end of a charging bear … "Stay alert.  Shoot, don’t hesitate, reload and be ready to hit it again.”

December 1965 Predator Tales DID YOU KNOW, that the predecessor to The Phoenix Varmint Callers, Inc. was called the Arizona Varmint Callers Association? I was contacted by a Ms Angie Turner-Moore, daughter of the late Pat Turner, who was one of the early members of the original Club. Pat held many positions within the Club, President and writer for the Predator Tales among them. Well, the reason Angie contacted me was to see if I (we, the Club) was interested in a pile of old issues of the Predator Tales, dating back to the fall of 1965 to sometime in 1971. Of course I said we'd like to have them, as they are windows in time to the early days of our Club and passion of predator hunting. So, I thought of re-publishing some of the issues here on our website for all to enjoy, and see what was happening 50 some years ago in the world of predator hunting. Enjoy the read!

NOTICE! LOTS of activities and hunting opportunities coming up! See the News and Events page.

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